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VMC is an emerging company and focusing on Healthcare Management Systems. The company envisions becoming a future leading provider of supply, information and care management products and services designed to reduce costs and improve quality across healthcare. VMC solutions empowers healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver care more effectively and efficiently.

Our reach of capabilities, coupled with the customer base in the industry, enables us to reduce costs and optimize products and services. Customer satisfaction is our number one objective and we continually invest in process improvements to meet that goal.

VMC provides low cost, high quality outsourcing, consulting and systems integration services to improve our client's performance in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences organizations throughout North America and Asia.

Solely dedicated to healthcare, and standing firmly upon core competencies of applications, infrastructure, and systems integration know-how, VMC has been serving clients successfully for over five years. As a firm with talented people, we serve three markets-government, payer, and provider--with services and solutions tailored to meet their unique needs.

We are known for our flexibility and nimbleness in finding practical solutions for our clients' often complex challenges, and we work exceptionally well with multiple constituencies. Our experienced people have the maturity and know-how to build bridges and establish strong relationships with clients, business partners, and other subcontracting teams. Because we understand the complex interrelationships of the healthcare enterprise, we excel at avoiding the problems and work-arounds that typically derail less experienced firms.

VMC has provided services to healthcare organizations, including leading private and public hospitals, integrated healthcare delivery networks (IDNs) and managed care organizations. We remain focused on providing IT consulting services exclusively for healthcare provider organizations. VMC professionals have worked with the nation's largest healthcare implementation projects over several years.

For over 3 years we have dedicated ourselves to helping healthcare organizations achieve business and clinical performance improvement through the intelligent use of information technology and process redesign.

VMC provides operations driven advisory and implementation services. Since we are operations experts as well as IT experts, we work with our clients to understand their process issues, optimize and IT-enable them, rather than just implement technology. While we are vendor neutral at our core, our skills span all the major application systems and leading vendors in clinical, financial and enterprise resource management systems.

VMC professionals have steeped healthcare domain knowledge and certified in HIPAA compliance.