Maintainence services

Technical support

Application portfolio management services

An optimized application portfolio helps reduce maintenance costs and improve IT investment decisions. Let our AMS experts create a customized portfolio strategy to support your business goals.

Express services for medium businesses

Don't think you can afford VMC's expertise and services? Look again. Introducing our Express portfolio, designed specifically for our mid-market clients. Come to the company you can trust as your services and technology and partner  VMC.

Infrastructure Resource Management Services for teller assisted self service

Teller Assisted Self-Service (TASS) is an integrated solution including hardware, software and VMC services to help banks reduce costs, specifically in the branch office teller interface.

Maintenance Services for VMC self-checkout systems

Two response levels of maintenance service with enhanced call screening for advanced problem determination and higher availability of self-checkout point-of-sale system.

Maintenance Services for non-VMC Storage Products

Flexible maintenance solutions for your multivendor environment.

Managed Maintenance Solutions (MMS) for Cisco Products

Description of service

Package application services

VMC Package Application Services provide comprehensive and cost-effective management of packaged (ISV) applications.

ServicePac for Warranty and Maintenance Options

Keep your systems up and running 24x7 with ServicePac for warranty maintenance options.

ServicePac for post-warranty maintenance agreement

Keep your systems up and running 24x7 with ServicePac for post-warranty maintenance agreement.



Downtime costs you and your customers

Hardware and application maintenance is critical to keep your systems running at peak performance. Unplanned interruptions shouldn't impact your business.

VMC can be available 24x7 to keep your systems running. Exploring the services tab above will provide you an opportunity to fit VMC services to your needs for continued system availability. Designed to protect you during in-warranty and post-warranty periods, VMC Maintenance Services are designed to fit your business needs.

Options include service upgrades for in-warranty machines, extended maintenance for post-warranty, experienced technicians and extensive parts distribution. You may also use VMC services to help address your maintenance and support costs through design/build of a stable application environment and implementation of processes with defined service levels.