As the world's marketplace continues to expand and increasingly rely on Internet technology --wired and wireless, the network infrastructure has become a mission-critical component of global e-business on demand. Today's business and technological advances require a responsive network infrastructure that is designed to control your costs and reduce risks to your business while enabling you to seize new business opportunities. The people of VMC Networking Services can help you. We can help you plan, deploy, optimize, manage and run your network infrastructure  virtually regardless of its complexity and of your organization's size. We can assist in your efforts to: 

  • achieve business viability 
  • manage complexity 
  • maintain a competitive edge 

VMC Networking Services offers: 

  • integrated, industry-focused solutions to business and IT problems 
  • solutions addressing business transformation, cost efficiency, risk mitigation and resilience concerns 
  • flexible terms and conditions, ranging from project engagements, ongoing services engagements, and outsourcing - including on demand delivery 
  • experience, proven methodologies and tools 
  • single accountability and real-world experience for services 

We work alongside some of the best companies in the business -- such as Cisco Systems and AT&T -- each providing infrastructure technology that allows VMC to quickly deliver proven, flexible, and reliable solutions.

Wherever you are, an VMC Networking Services specialist is ready to work with you.

Express services for medium businesses 

Don't think you can afford VMC's expertise and services? Look again. Introducing our Express portfolio, designed specifically for our mid-market clients. Come to the company you can trust as your services and technology and partner  VMC.

Network convergence 

Network convergence provides a standard platform that is designed to allow you to integrate e-mail, voice, fax and other telephony applications, consolidating administration enterprisewide.

Network mobility and wireless 

VMC wireless networking solutions can help customers across all industries become more efficient and productive. VMC Networking Services can provide solutions allowing companies to conduct business virtually anytime, anywhere.

Network optimization 

etwork optimization is the process of aligning the network infrastructure with business strategies, identifying redundancies in enterprise IT process, organization and technology, thus helping to reduce costs, enable new business capability, and improve business efficiency.

Network outsourcing services 

Network Outsourcing Services provide full network outsourcing, including: meeting client data,voice/video network requirements;hiring network staff;acquiring network assets and other custom activities?for example,customer network billing,cabling services;and Install,Move,Add,Change(IMAC)Services.

Network security and resiliency 

Network security and resiliency services can help you develop a network infrastructure that is designed to be resistant to disruption or failure, engineered for rapid recovery, flexible, adaptive, scalable and security-rich.

Networking solutions for the banking industry 

Networking solutions that can help make it easy to transition your branch offices, cut IT costs and support new applications.

Operational efficiency 

An IT infrastructure that is efficient, flexible, scalable and adaptable can provide an agile, responsive business environment that can enable you to respond quickly to client needs and changing market conditions.

Output Management Services 

Output Management Services (OMS) provides managed supplies & support for printers, fax machines and copiers.

Site Enablement Services for Internet Data Centers 

VMC Site Enablement Services offers specific services to help you plan, design and construct security-rich, highly available Internet Data Centers (IDCs).

WebSphere services 

VMC supports your e-business solution with a comprehensive selection of services to support your WebSphere applications.