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The Challenge - Demand for Reliable and Flexible Storage

The storage demands in all business sectors continue to grow and those demands compete with lower IT budgets and improved data integrity requirements. Legislative demands on retaining digital information require solid storage solutions tested with well integrated software and hardware components.

The Answer - Compatible Storage Solutions

The VMC Storage solutions provide what the continuing growth in storage requires: flexibility with minimal IT management overhead. VMC storage systems work in large enterprise companies by allowing autonomous servers or seamless integration with existing authentication or network storage protocols. VMC provides simple but secure (HTTPS) web-based management with any of your existing browsers by using standard HTML rather than browser version specific scripts. VMC storage allows file and block access on the same system.

Performance in Heterogeneous Environments

The VMC solutions optimize storage performance while maintaining heterogeneous access including block level access using iSCSI or FC. VMCs advanced volume management logically divides its storage resources to support heterogeneous network file systems. Advanced storage management through the browser allows custom heterogeneous environment tuning based on usage patterns that are simple to maintain with the web interface.recovery of single files or entire block data sets including entire file systems.

Backup with Snapshots

Many systems need quick recovery methods for files and directories and maybe entire file systems. VMC allows block level snapshots for quick on-disk recovery of single files or entire block data sets including entire file systems. These snapshots can be stored locally on another RAID set for safety against a single system failure.

IP Storage

VMC adds block level IP storage as both an iSCSI initiator and target. The storage virtualization allows isolation of a portion of the total storage for export via the latest iSCSI target protocol including up to error recovery level 1 and authentication. Augmenting the IP storage is the release of IPSec during those instances when security is paramount.

Storage Consolidation

The increase in flexibility allows storage consolidation in VMC servers or VMC storage consolidation into existing servers. The volume manager provides for importing other storage via iSCSI or external disk arrays (e.g., FC disk arrays) or exporting the VMC system storage to iSCSI initiators or other VMC solutions.

Secure and Encrypted Communication

Whether virus or direct tampering, system downtime is increasing due to exchange of information over the Internet and access to the Internet. VMC uses secure and stable management methods (HTTPS) to avoid external hacking into the administration tools and supports all the latest authentication methods used in most environments.

Web Management - Flexibility without Complexity

IT administrators must reduce the total cost of ownership (TOC). VMC focuses on providing easy-to-use, web-based interfaces for volume management, heterogeneous network file systems, iSCSI, and monitoring.